Sweet Lime Communications


Shellene Drakes-Tull, founder Sweet Lime Communications

Headquartered in Ajax, Ontario, Sweet Lime Communications is owned by Shellene Drakes-Tull. Shellene is an experienced communicators who takes a fresh look and approach to corporate storytelling and strategic communications. With a deep knowledge of traditional communications, Shellene decided to launch Sweet Lime Communications in 2017, an agency that takes a crisp, clean look at words, social media, and how to help our clients use all facets of communication to reach their business goals.


A fresh approach to telling your organization's story

There are many communications firms in the Greater Toronto Area. The focus of Sweet Lime Communications is storytelling and approaching communications in a non-traditional, unexpected way. The key is to question, 'why have you always done it like that?' and find ways to create fewer communications that sound like what everyone else is saying, writing, and doing. Our goal is to find ways to tell strong, interesting stories that make your clients, customers and donors care enough to read, listen, donate, or buy.