Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.

-Carol Burnett

About Us

What is Sweet Lime Communications?

We are a communications boutique firm that offers our clients a fresh, innovative, tart approach to wordsmithing. We pull from our journalism and corporate background to tell the stories that will connect you and your business to the people you need to reach.

Hope is not a plan.

For many of our clients, communications is not their core business. They are focusing on what they do best. This is how we get involved. 

We can help you create a strong strategic communications plan that is connected to your business goals. We will review your current communications activities to improve upon what you're doing today and offer new and innovative ideas to ensure you're giving your audience the information. We also  help with short- and long-term content creation--special projects, press releases, blogs, and more.

Look around and see what we can do for you.

Don't get frustrated with your communications. We can help. See what we offer and contact us.

Communication and communication strategy is not just part of the game - it is the game. 

- Oscar Munoz

What can Sweet Lime Communications do for you?



...that depends on you. For communications help, we can do as much (strategic communications planning, website content overhaul) or as little (blog posts, press release) as you need us to do. We can be your on-call communications advisor to help you sort out communications challenges or work through new opportunities. 

Ultimately, we are here to help you connect with your clients in a crisp, fresh, innovative way by creating high-quality, effective communications. 

Our goal is to take the stress out of communications.

Strategic communications planning

Hoping is not a plan.

Trying out a bunch of ideas and hoping something will work is not a plan.

Let's pull out and dust off your business plan and figure out how your communications can help you reach the goals that you've set. 

Through reviewing your plan and talking with your leadership, we'll develop a plan that your company can execute.

Communications audit

From a communications perspective, what do you do well? What are you struggling with? What needs to be done, but you're avoiding hoping that it may just go away? 

We will review your communications vehicles and talk about communications best practices that you can implement in your charity, not-for-profit, or business. 

Communications content support

Annual report time and not enough hands on deck to write it? Have a retail store opening and need to share the news with the community? 

This is where Sweet Lime Communications comes in.

You are an expert at your core business. We are experts at communications. We can take either long- or short-term projects and create interesting, high-quality messages in less time and with less stress.


Sweet Lime Communications clients

Who have I worked with?

  • City of Toronto
  • Ryerson University
  • Toronto District School Board
  • Durham College
  • University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough
  • Community Innovation Lab
  • Essential Communications
  • Broadview Magazine (formerly United Church Observer)
  • Dayo! Media & Communications

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It isn't easy writing good marketing copy that's clear, reads well and engages your audience. If it's unprofessional, how is that affecting your brand?

Challenge yourself to write better, right now.


Monique Taylor-Yee Shui, former President, Black Pearls Community Services, Inc.

Shellene helped our not-for-profit learn how to write specifically for our niche. We learned writing techniques and practices we can apply to anything from a simple email subject title to a full blown sponsorship package. Our organization learned how to use content to engage web visitors, get them on our email list and increase our social media presence.

Not only was Shellene’s approach both fun and challenging but her direct feedback for improving our organization’s visibility, marketing and communications was invaluable. She has a calm, logical and creative way of exchanging ideas that truly connected and inspired us. I can’t speak highly enough of her ability.

When Shellene joined the team, we were hoping to improve our website…but we were left with vastly more.


Leisa Washington, Ontario Liberal MPP candidate for Whitby

Shellene was part of my communications team during my run as the Ontario Liberal MPP Candidate for Whitby. She was integral in creating communications, specifically blog posts and backing up our local social media team. Shellene’s goal was always to tell stories that connected our objectives to our communications, by developing fresh, innovative blogs and posts. The communications created truly highlighted the work that the Ontario Liberal Party was doing in Whitby and throughout the province.

Shellene understands the importance of listening to her clients. Always looking to make improvements, she would be a sounding board for our social media team, working closely with them to create informative posts that showcased my personality and highlighted how the Ontario Liberal Party was prepared to work for Whitby and for Ontario.

While we weren’t successful in our bid to be the Ontario Liberal MPP candidate for Whitby, Shellene was integral to our campaign and ensuring that our voters knew who I was. Thank you for your help!



You've written copy--emails, social media posts, profiles--but are you doing it well? Badly written copy will cost you clients. Improve your content. Connect with us today.